The Cat Who Pushed Me On My Path

November 17th, 2010

Ps: This is a fictional story by Sachin.

I was getting back from school on the bus where Sn and Ad were on the bus too, on which I was. So when I was getting back home by myself, a cat pushed me. Oh my Gosh I have never seen a cat push me in my life. The cat was no ordinary cat, it was a black cat!
I asked Sn’s mom if Sn and Sr could come to my house. Their mom said yes. We went by our house to tell Sr and Sn of what happened.

Sn and Sr were surprised. ‘A cat pushed you?’ Sn said. ‘Yes, it did’, I replied.

‘But how can a cat push some one? ‘, asked Sn.

We called Ad’s mom, so he could come to our house too.

Ad said ‘Whats up?’. We called all our friends who had a cat. When we were calling, we missed someone. We did not notice that we missed someone to call. Then we heard two meows at the door. We went to open the door and see who it was.
We saw a black cat, the same one that pushed me and a white cat. There was a girl behind the two cats. There was some one that we forgot to call and we know who it is. The one who we forgot to call was Ni.

Endhiran – Movie Climax Narration

October 24th, 2010

Sachin’s narration of the climax of Endhiran is given below:

There was a big fit of battle against more robots, because Chitti is a robot who made the multiples, that made him angry because he wants Sana as his wife, but Sana was pretending that she was in love with Chitti and for her real boy friend’s plan to defeat Chitti’s army and we are going to say the plan next.

The plan was that Sana’s boyfriend made up this: he turned off all the power in the whole of his country and so the robots could not get power if they are losing battery power. They found out that the generators were filled with water and other electronics were turned off too, but they noticed that the cards have electricity too, so they battery powered themselves.

Sana’s boyfriend was pretending to be a Chitti’s robot to defeat Chitti because he got a plan. The whole army has suprise attacks defeating the whole army of Chitti’s because they had low battery power. So the police were blasting bullets at the Chitti’s, but the Chitti’s are magnets themselves as robots, so they connected themselves into magnetic shapes. These are the shapes that they connected into: a snake, a sphere, a spiral, a big giant ‘transformer’ like chitti, connected together.

The whole army tried to defeat these shapes but they could not. There were more and more guys to fight. Sana and Dr.Vaseegaran, Sana’s boyfriend, went into a truck where they delete all the magnet power that the robots had to go into as the shape. It looks like they turned into that big giant robot Chiti that I told you about – it tried to defeat the whole town ie. India. There is a magnet in the front of the truck and inside the truck there is a magnet. They got the real leader Chitti and removed the red chip from him, that was a very bad and destructive chip.

Now what happened is, all the Chitti’s were disabled and destroyed as what has to happen. So Chitti was disabled as India did not need the robots. This is the info of who made Chitti bad:
The Chinese guy (Danny Denzongpa) he put the chip inside Chitti to make money, but it was destruction of whole destruction and Chitti destroyed this Danny. Chitti was disbled based on court orders and that is how he was disabled and you can listen to me the next time on the next blog.

Full Day with Sachin – Jan 2010

January 10th, 2010

Since Radhika had a mothers day out yesterday, Sachin and I got a chance to spend the whole day together yesterday. We got a chance to do this after over a year, when Radhika was in India for 18 days.

As always, I started the day earlier, and it was later at around 10 am or so that we realized that we are going to be home alone the whole day. So at around 11am we started planning the activities for the day. Sachin came up with his list – watching tv, playing Wii, then watching TV again and then the play station – he was disappointed that mummy did not leave her iPhone behind. As you can see, his plan is fully based on electronics only. I had to scrap out a few of the items from his list and add some from mine. So our plan was finalized as given below:

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Mommy is Back

March 17th, 2009

It is quite a while since I wrote after the last blog.

Sachin and I have become very busy (even before Radhika came back) starting with the preparations for mommy’s return, then the actual surprise party and then enjoying the time with mommy.

Radhika is back now and Sachin and I are sooooooooo happy that we could not find time for anything else.

In any case, I thought I should provide my feedback on how it is going.

Sachin has continued to do some of the things he learnt while he was alone with me, such as praying to God before going to bed, eating four nuts each morning, managing his own items, etc. Radhika was quite happy to see it and I was very happy about it too.

I am going to India for 10 days in April and I hope to continue this blog to write about how I feel while I am away there.

Will try to continue to update as much as I can.

18 Days – Day 15 – Three More Days – 12-Mar-2009

March 13th, 2009

Sachin and  I are eagerly looking forward to Radhika’s return back here. We carried out our routine normally and then went to McDonalds for dinner.

Sachin and I had a big debate on what ‘Reading Time’ means.  While I said it stands for ‘Sachin will read his book and daddy will read his book’, Sachin claims that it stands for ‘everyone will read a bed time story book’.  We decided to ask Radhika for her comments.

Will update tomorrow on the decision on this.

18 Days – Day 14 – Almost There – 11-Mar-2009

March 12th, 2009

Sachin and I had a good time on Day 14 of our ’18 days without Radhika’.

I managed to get out of work by 5pm and picked him up at 5.30pm. He was quite happy when I told him that I was early today. He has always asked me to come early, but I could not do it before. We came home and did quite a lot of things together: watched tv, had dinner, worked on the home work, read a book and finally spent about 30 minutes on the phone with his thatha.

Sachin was not very happy with his thatha’s stories about animals (eg. cock and bull story) and also about how dinasour ate vada from the old lady. He also got very angry when thatha asked sachin to send the new car as a gift to him when daddy comes to India in exchange for new dinosaur toys he is sending with mummy.

I felt quite happy that Sachin and I did most of the things together yesterday, but am still worried that we are lagging behind in the robot activity which we have not yet started.

We have just four more days before Radhika will be back. We are both looking forward to Sunday 🙂

18 Days – Day 13 – Is the Honeymoon period over? – 10-Mar-2009

March 11th, 2009

Sachin and I had one of the most difficult days so far, during this 18 days experience.

He came home after school and was quite impatient – so i realized he must be hungry and gave him some snacks. He immediately wanted to watch TV during his game time. I let him do that while he was eating his snack.

He wanted to drink milk shake from McD and so we thought it might be easy if he also has his dinner there. He was quite happy. So we left for McD. He brought his Nintendo DS along with him and started playing the game in the car. I told him that he should stop after 5 minutes and talk to me. (I realized we had not made any progress with his ‘Robot’ project at school and we should start it somewhere.) On the way, I asked him to pause his game for 10 minutes and talk to me about the school project and then continue with his game. I paused it, but kept opening the game console frequently during our conversation. I told him that he is not getting the happy meal if he does it again – he did it again. I turned the car around and came home – I also let him know that he is not getting his happy meal because daddy is not happy.

Once home, Sachin ate 3 idlis (thanks to V…tha), one roti (thanks to Bhavani Cash and Carry) and the tomato-dal curry (thanks to P…tha). I guess in future also he will relate Indian food as ‘punishment food’, but I did not know of any other option..remember I was hungry too..and a hungry man is a angry man..imagine two of us :-). I also had my dinner along with him.

After dinner we did our home work review and Sachin fixed all the mistakes he made in the home work done at after care.  We did not read the book today as both of us were very sleepy.

Oh I forgot to mention..yesterday his major complaint was that I was on the phone when he is about to go to bed and I am on the phone when he wakes up. So Sachin complained that it was bothering his sleep. I decided not to attend any phone calls in the night and have not spoken to anyone in the night when Sachin and I are ready to go to bed. Radhika also used to complain that no matter which room I was in, upstairs, the entire conversation could be heard in all the other rooms upstairs. Her advise to me was to go downstairs to talk.  I prefer not to talk..I hope that solves the problem.

After the confrontational incidents yesterday and today, for a minute I thought the honeymoon period is over – I hope not!

I also thought about why he was so cranky and thought one reason could be the day light saving. He has been waking up one hour early in the past two days and by the time it is 7pm – he is actually already awake for one hour extra. May be not. I dont know, but I know I have to help him get his comfort level back with me.

Will try my best today.

18 Days – Day 12 – Sachin Bowled Me Out – 9-Mar-2009

March 10th, 2009

Day 12 was the most interesting day so far from a ‘learning experience’ standpoint after Radhika went to India.

We had a regular working day and at the end of it, we came home and started doing our usual routine.

Since Sachin completes some of his home work at after care, I review it at home to see if everything is ok and if something is not, I try to help him learn the correct way of doing it.

I noticed that in one page he had made a mistake and his teacher had circled it. So I asked him ‘Sachin, how come your teacher has reviewed it, Daddy did not check this page before.’ Immediately, Sachin said ‘Daddy, you are so bad..I wish Mummy was here…you forgot to check my bag on Friday, Saturday and I went to school without completing my home work!!!’. Then he explained that the homework was from Fridays and I had not checked it.

I was puzzled as I remembered asking him on Friday evening while picking up at the after care if he did his home work. He said ‘Daddy, on Fridays we dont do our homework – it is no home work day on Fridays’. I felt good and thought ‘Wow, I wish I had this when I was a kid’.  So I asked him – ‘Sachin, do you remember you told me that you do not have any home work on Fridays’. He immediately replied – ‘Noooooo. I did not say that. I said we dont do home work at after care on Fridays’.

It was then that I realized the mistake I made – I assumed that when said no home work there was no home work to be done, but he in his own simple way said no home work at after care.

I felt very bad after that. On top of it, I also realized I missed checking the Friday Report which they send once in two weeks. I signed it today and also met his teacher and apologized for the follow ups related to Sachin that I missed doing during the weekend.

I still feel bad about this, but this learning experience has made me stronger in my role as a parent and I feel proud of it.

Thanks to you Sachu 🙂

18 Days – Day 11 – Hats off to Radhika – 8-Mar-2009

March 9th, 2009

Sachin and I started our Sunday with the day light saving into effect. I had a tough time trying to explain the concept to him and gave it up for now – will try again in a year or two.

I did some of the laundry work today at home and realized how much of work Radhika has been doing all these days without saying a word. Man, this is one of the most boring things in life and yet I was so ignorant of this task that she did every time without saying a word about it.

Sachin and I went to Costo and then Walmart and got his Bakugan game today.  I told him that this is his Wednesday toy given to him ahead of time.  I also told him that he has to be a good boy this whole week or I will take the toy away from him.

We practised out E-i-e-i-oops tonight also and recorded it. Havent had the time to publish it yet to the site. Hope to do so very soon.

18 Days – Day 10 – Home Day again – 7-Mar-2009

March 8th, 2009

I cant believe this. Sachin woke up at around 8 am and the first words were ‘Im boss’. I think he loves that sense of control so much that he started the day with it.

I made world’s largest pancake again beating my own world record set last week.

One of the ‘tha’ friends (V…tha) gave us lunch and I fed Sachin rice, dal and two vegetables. He would have never eaten even one bit of it, if not for the Nintendo DS game.

After lunch, we cleaned up Sachin’s room together. I saw a few pieces and told Sachin that I am putting all the Lego pieces together.  He gave me a 10 minute explanation of why those pieces were not Lego pieces. Now I know the difference between Bionicle, Lego and KNex pieces.

We went to the library and returned a book – got two DVDs – one Power Ranger movie dvd and one Hindi movie.

It was 68 degrees outside and so we decided to go out and play for some time in the play park.

After playing outside, I was very tired, it appears he still had the energy.

I prepared his Mac and Cheese for dinner (as I had promised him this while we were having our lunch) and we watched the Power Ranger movie while we had our  dinner.

We took care of the clothes to be washed and after two rounds of it, felt exhausted.

We spoke to Radhika after that and told her about all the events of the day. I am sure she felt happy that we are doing all these things.