18 Days – Day 11 – Hats off to Radhika – 8-Mar-2009

Sachin and I started our Sunday with the day light saving into effect. I had a tough time trying to explain the concept to him and gave it up for now – will try again in a year or two.

I did some of the laundry work today at home and realized how much of work Radhika has been doing all these days without saying a word. Man, this is one of the most boring things in life and yet I was so ignorant of this task that she did every time without saying a word about it.

Sachin and I went to Costo and then Walmart and got his Bakugan game today.  I told him that this is his Wednesday toy given to him ahead of time.  I also told him that he has to be a good boy this whole week or I will take the toy away from him.

We practised out E-i-e-i-oops tonight also and recorded it. Havent had the time to publish it yet to the site. Hope to do so very soon.

One Response to “18 Days – Day 11 – Hats off to Radhika – 8-Mar-2009”

  1. radhika says:

    Hello my Darlings,

    Felt good to read ur daily journal….miss u guys soo much.
    Sachin darling take good care of ur daddy ,he loves u soo much and i hope u enjoy this one on one time spent with him.
    Chennai is wonderful as always and i cant wait for us to start our life here soon.

    Bye for now….