18 Days – Day 12 – Sachin Bowled Me Out – 9-Mar-2009

Day 12 was the most interesting day so far from a ‘learning experience’ standpoint after Radhika went to India.

We had a regular working day and at the end of it, we came home and started doing our usual routine.

Since Sachin completes some of his home work at after care, I review it at home to see if everything is ok and if something is not, I try to help him learn the correct way of doing it.

I noticed that in one page he had made a mistake and his teacher had circled it. So I asked him ‘Sachin, how come your teacher has reviewed it, Daddy did not check this page before.’ Immediately, Sachin said ‘Daddy, you are so bad..I wish Mummy was here…you forgot to check my bag on Friday, Saturday and Sunday..today I went to school without completing my home work!!!’. Then he explained that the homework was from Fridays and I had not checked it.

I was puzzled as I remembered asking him on Friday evening while picking up at the after care if he did his home work. He said ‘Daddy, on Fridays we dont do our homework – it is no home work day on Fridays’. I felt good and thought ‘Wow, I wish I had this when I was a kid’.  So I asked him – ‘Sachin, do you remember you told me that you do not have any home work on Fridays’. He immediately replied – ‘Noooooo. I did not say that. I said we dont do home work at after care on Fridays’.

It was then that I realized the mistake I made – I assumed that when said no home work there was no home work to be done, but he in his own simple way said no home work at after care.

I felt very bad after that. On top of it, I also realized I missed checking the Friday Report which they send once in two weeks. I signed it today and also met his teacher and apologized for the follow ups related to Sachin that I missed doing during the weekend.

I still feel bad about this, but this learning experience has made me stronger in my role as a parent and I feel proud of it.

Thanks to you Sachu 🙂

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