18 Days – Day 13 – Is the Honeymoon period over? – 10-Mar-2009

Sachin and I had one of the most difficult days so far, during this 18 days experience.

He came home after school and was quite impatient – so i realized he must be hungry and gave him some snacks. He immediately wanted to watch TV during his game time. I let him do that while he was eating his snack.

He wanted to drink milk shake from McD and so we thought it might be easy if he also has his dinner there. He was quite happy. So we left for McD. He brought his Nintendo DS along with him and started playing the game in the car. I told him that he should stop after 5 minutes and talk to me. (I realized we had not made any progress with his ‘Robot’ project at school and we should start it somewhere.) On the way, I asked him to pause his game for 10 minutes and talk to me about the school project and then continue with his game. I paused it, but kept opening the game console frequently during our conversation. I told him that he is not getting the happy meal if he does it again – he did it again. I turned the car around and came home – I also let him know that he is not getting his happy meal because daddy is not happy.

Once home, Sachin ate 3 idlis (thanks to V…tha), one roti (thanks to Bhavani Cash and Carry) and the tomato-dal curry (thanks to P…tha). I guess in future also he will relate Indian food as ‘punishment food’, but I did not know of any other option..remember I was hungry too..and a hungry man is a angry man..imagine two of us :-). I also had my dinner along with him.

After dinner we did our home work review and Sachin fixed all the mistakes he made in the home work done at after care.  We did not read the book today as both of us were very sleepy.

Oh I forgot to mention..yesterday his major complaint was that I was on the phone when he is about to go to bed and I am on the phone when he wakes up. So Sachin complained that it was bothering his sleep. I decided not to attend any phone calls in the night and have not spoken to anyone in the night when Sachin and I are ready to go to bed. Radhika also used to complain that no matter which room I was in, upstairs, the entire conversation could be heard in all the other rooms upstairs. Her advise to me was to go downstairs to talk.  I prefer not to talk..I hope that solves the problem.

After the confrontational incidents yesterday and today, for a minute I thought the honeymoon period is over – I hope not!

I also thought about why he was so cranky and thought one reason could be the day light saving. He has been waking up one hour early in the past two days and by the time it is 7pm – he is actually already awake for one hour extra. May be not. I dont know, but I know I have to help him get his comfort level back with me.

Will try my best today.

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