18 Days – Day 14 – Almost There – 11-Mar-2009

Sachin and I had a good time on Day 14 of our ’18 days without Radhika’.

I managed to get out of work by 5pm and picked him up at 5.30pm. He was quite happy when I told him that I was early today. He has always asked me to come early, but I could not do it before. We came home and did quite a lot of things together: watched tv, had dinner, worked on the home work, read a book and finally spent about 30 minutes on the phone with his thatha.

Sachin was not very happy with his thatha’s stories about animals (eg. cock and bull story) and also about how dinasour ate vada from the old lady. He also got very angry when thatha asked sachin to send the new car as a gift to him when daddy comes to India in exchange for new dinosaur toys he is sending with mummy.

I felt quite happy that Sachin and I did most of the things together yesterday, but am still worried that we are lagging behind in the robot activity which we have not yet started.

We have just four more days before Radhika will be back. We are both looking forward to Sunday 🙂

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