Mommy is Back

It is quite a while since I wrote after the last blog.

Sachin and I have become very busy (even before Radhika came back) starting with the preparations for mommy’s return, then the actual surprise party and then enjoying the time with mommy.

Radhika is back now and Sachin and I are sooooooooo happy that we could not find time for anything else.

In any case, I thought I should provide my feedback on how it is going.

Sachin has continued to do some of the things he learnt while he was alone with me, such as praying to God before going to bed, eating four nuts each morning, managing his own items, etc. Radhika was quite happy to see it and I was very happy about it too.

I am going to India for 10 days in April and I hope to continue this blog to write about how I feel while I am away there.

Will try to continue to update as much as I can.

One Response to “Mommy is Back”

  1. Barbara says:

    Syed- these entries are really priceless! You will read them again when Sachin is older and laugh. He sounds like a smart, precocious child who tries to wrap Daddy around his finger but every once in a while – you catch on! Enjoy this time, they grow so fast!. Thanks for sharing this with me. It’s very special and sweet. Fondly,Barbara