Full Day with Sachin – Jan 2010

Since Radhika had a mothers day out yesterday, Sachin and I got a chance to spend the whole day together yesterday. We got a chance to do this after over a year, when Radhika was in India for 18 days.

As always, I started the day earlier, and it was later at around 10 am or so that we realized that we are going to be home alone the whole day. So at around 11am we started planning the activities for the day. Sachin came up with his list – watching tv, playing Wii, then watching TV again and then the play station – he was disappointed that mummy did not leave her iPhone behind. As you can see, his plan is fully based on electronics only. I had to scrap out a few of the items from his list and add some from mine. So our plan was finalized as given below:

Getting ready (shower, etc)

Lunch at Subway

Going to the library

Playing on the Wii

Afternoon Nap

Watching TV

Dinner at Applebees

Playing Chess

Reading a Book


We started our day by getting ready and by the time we went to Subway it was around 1pm. I got my usual Veggie Pattie Sandwich on Honey Oat Bread and he had his Cheese pizza. He took some extra cheese and we were discussing how he is called the ‘Mouse’ in his school for his love for cheese. (Reminded me of my days at home in Madipakkam, when we used to eat Aavin Butter as soon as the box came home – by the time they melted it into ghee to be used with food, we used to eat up one fourth of the box.) Sachin and I are having lunch at a restaurant alone after a long time and it was interesting to see how his topics of conversation have changed. He was asking what I liked in my sandwich and what I did not like, etc. This gave me a good idea of the style of conversation he should be having at lunch with his friends. We also discussed about how lunch breaks are in his school and how it was in my school in India – we used to eat quickly so that we can get enough time to play cricket 🙂 . He was not sure how someone can run around and play after having lunch!

Later we went to the library and he picked up two books – one easy and one difficult. Since I liked reading the Famous Five from Enid Blyton, I asked the librarian if she could find one for Sachin. Since we could not find one in our library, she ordered one to be sent to our library from one of the other libraries in the area. (I love this concept of libraries in the US and how they are interlinked – I hope this can be implemented in India some day).


Then I went to my usual section (Computers) to get a MySQL High Performance book. While Sachin was waiting, he had already finished reading the easy book that he had picked, so we ended up checking out just two books – one for him and one for me.

Once we were home, I started reading one of the books I have already started reading – it was about Warren Buffett. Sachin wanted to play on the Wii and by accident, found his Mario Cart game, which he thought he had lost. So he started playing that I was reading my book and watching him play. After some time, we realized that he was not winning as often as he used to – I immediately said may be it is because he was tired and he should take some rest. So we decided to take a afternoon nap and ended up sleeping for more than four hours.

When we woke up, it was time to go to Applebees. Radhika had called up earlier and mentioned that it was very cold outside, so we decided to bundle up in layers. As usual, we stepped out of the house, ran to the car, he won that race (as always), and then were busy talking about our favourite games. Once we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by the waitress, who introduced us and gave us a very quick list of all the specials of the day. I did not understand most of what she said and thought may be Sachin understood it. He was quick to tell her ‘You are talking so fast, that I could not follow a word of what you said. It was really fast.’ I could see the look on her face, but realized at that time that may be I should have told her that – but in any case, it was good to realize it was not just me, but it was the way she spoke. He had chicken fingers and I got the Spinach with Artichoke dip. After eating it, we had the Triple Chocolate Meltdown – our favourite ice cream at Applebees. Both of us agreed that we missed Mummy while we were eating it as in the past Radhika used to nicely say ‘No Ice Cream for me’ and then used to eat from our share after our desserts came.

During our dinner, Sachin and I also spoke about the world cup football that is coming up in South Africa in April this year. We then started talking about Africa and how people go hunting. Sachin thinks everyone in Africa go hunting every day 🙂 I had to tell him about my visit to Kenya in 2000 and how it is not all hunting, but there is a good amount of wild life safari there.

We went home after dinner and played a game of chess. The magnetic chess board is helping us a lot as it helps avoid the pieces from falling down everytime we move the board around – which we do a lot, especially when we keep the board on an uneven surface like a pillow. The game was going quite tough, as surprisingly Sachin realized how easy it was to control the board, once you take control of the central squares on the board. After a while, we decided it was time to watch some TV and we were watching ‘Under Dog’, a movie where a dog is a super hero. We went to bed after sometime and I vaguely remember Radhika come in sometime later. Overall, it was a wonderful day together and I started thinking that I should do this more often.

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