Endhiran – Movie Climax Narration

Sachin’s narration of the climax of Endhiran is given below:

There was a big fit of battle against more robots, because Chitti is a robot who made the multiples, that made him angry because he wants Sana as his wife, but Sana was pretending that she was in love with Chitti and for her real boy friend’s plan to defeat Chitti’s army and we are going to say the plan next.

The plan was that Sana’s boyfriend made up this: he turned off all the power in the whole of his country and so the robots could not get power if they are losing battery power. They found out that the generators were filled with water and other electronics were turned off too, but they noticed that the cards have electricity too, so they battery powered themselves.

Sana’s boyfriend was pretending to be a Chitti’s robot to defeat Chitti because he got a plan. The whole army has suprise attacks defeating the whole army of Chitti’s because they had low battery power. So the police were blasting bullets at the Chitti’s, but the Chitti’s are magnets themselves as robots, so they connected themselves into magnetic shapes. These are the shapes that they connected into: a snake, a sphere, a spiral, a big giant ‘transformer’ like chitti, connected together.

The whole army tried to defeat these shapes but they could not. There were more and more guys to fight. Sana and Dr.Vaseegaran, Sana’s boyfriend, went into a truck where they delete all the magnet power that the robots had to go into as the shape. It looks like they turned into that big giant robot Chiti that I told you about – it tried to defeat the whole town ie. India. There is a magnet in the front of the truck and inside the truck there is a magnet. They got the real leader Chitti and removed the red chip from him, that was a very bad and destructive chip.

Now what happened is, all the Chitti’s were disabled and destroyed as what has to happen. So Chitti was disabled as India did not need the robots. This is the info of who made Chitti bad:
The Chinese guy (Danny Denzongpa) he put the chip inside Chitti to make money, but it was destruction of whole destruction and Chitti destroyed this Danny. Chitti was disbled based on court orders and that is how he was disabled and you can listen to me the next time on the next blog.

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