The Cat Who Pushed Me On My Path

Ps: This is a fictional story by Sachin.

I was getting back from school on the bus where Sn and Ad were on the bus too, on which I was. So when I was getting back home by myself, a cat pushed me. Oh my Gosh I have never seen a cat push me in my life. The cat was no ordinary cat, it was a black cat!
I asked Sn’s mom if Sn and Sr could come to my house. Their mom said yes. We went by our house to tell Sr and Sn of what happened.

Sn and Sr were surprised. ‘A cat pushed you?’ Sn said. ‘Yes, it did’, I replied.

‘But how can a cat push some one? ‘, asked Sn.

We called Ad’s mom, so he could come to our house too.

Ad said ‘Whats up?’. We called all our friends who had a cat. When we were calling, we missed someone. We did not notice that we missed someone to call. Then we heard two meows at the door. We went to open the door and see who it was.
We saw a black cat, the same one that pushed me and a white cat. There was a girl behind the two cats. There was some one that we forgot to call and we know who it is. The one who we forgot to call was Ni.

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