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Full Day with Sachin – Jan 2010

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Since Radhika had a mothers day out yesterday, Sachin and I got a chance to spend the whole day together yesterday. We got a chance to do this after over a year, when Radhika was in India for 18 days.

As always, I started the day earlier, and it was later at around 10 am or so that we realized that we are going to be home alone the whole day. So at around 11am we started planning the activities for the day. Sachin came up with his list – watching tv, playing Wii, then watching TV again and then the play station – he was disappointed that mummy did not leave her iPhone behind. As you can see, his plan is fully based on electronics only. I had to scrap out a few of the items from his list and add some from mine. So our plan was finalized as given below: