18 Days – Day 9 – Half Way Mark – 6-Mar-2009

March 7th, 2009

We are on Day 9 – Exactly at the half way mark.

We had a good friday – nothing out of the ordinary but spent the day happily, looking forward to the weekend – just missing Radhika a lot.

At this point, we have spent 9 days together without Radhika, the first time ever in my life with Sachin without Radhika for 9 days.

Here are a few things that went as per the plan:
We woke up as per plan
We had our breakfast as per plan
We attended school as per plan
We ate dinner as per plan
We did our home work as per plan
We did our book reading as per plan
We went to bed as per plan
We did not watch TV at all – as per plan
We did not play on the Computer – as per plan

Here are a few things that did not go as per plan:
We did not exercise together as per plan
I had to feed Sachin many times while he played on his Nintendo.
I had to put his socks on for him which I was hoping he would learn to do himself

Next week is the last week before Radhika comes back on Sunday. I hope to focus on the above items that did not go as per plan and try and make sure Sachin does those things himself.

Looking forward to the weekend.

18 Days – Day 8 – E I E I Oops – 5-Mar-2009

March 6th, 2009

Sachin and I had a routine morning.

We went to the Indian store in the evening and he got very angry when I mentioned to him that we were going there. He then explained that it would take a long, long, long, long time and will cut down his other plans for the evening (read as ‘Playing Nindento DS game time’). I promised to him that I will get him out of there in less than 10 minutes. We finished our shopping in the store within 8 minutes. He was quite happy ๐Ÿ™‚

I let Sachin play during dinner time today and could not believe it when he ate all his rotis and the spicy channa masala without any complaint.ย  I guess I have to find a way to make him eat this way, without the game in his hand.

After that I reviewed his home work with him and both of us realized some of the mistakes made in mathematics (less than, greater than, equal to task) and fixed them.

Sachin has a spelling test on fridays so we went over the ten words that he has to be proficient in this week. I was quite happy at the way he has memorized their spellings. Looking forward to the test results this evening.

We then practised our E I E I Ooops presentation content, in preparation for the show later this month. The show date is confirmed at the end of the month and Radhika will be with us for the show. ๐Ÿ™‚

I recorded Sachin’s preparation of singing of E I E I Oops, now have to find a way to upload it and attach it to this site. Will try do it in the simplest way possible.

18 Days – Day 7 – Welcome Kirby – 4-Mar-2009

March 5th, 2009

It is wednesday and Sachin and I started the day talking about what bionicle we are going to get in the evening..remember it is Wednesday.

I was also thinking of Gresh, a bionicle that Sachin did not have and was looking forward to getting the good guy, Gresh and playing a game with Sachin as he already has a bad guy, Glatorian.

In the evening, when I picked up Sachin he said he changed his mind and instead wanted a Nintendo DS game. We went to Walmart and found Kirby Super Star Ultra game and were quite thrilled to get this game.

We then went to Subway and had our dinner. Then we went to Costco and did some quick shopping. We came home and Sachin started playing the Kirby game.

Sachin’s narration from here: In the Kirby game if you swallow an enemy with B, Kirby is going to swallow an enemy and after the swallow if you press X, you get a new Kirby and the enemy’s powers will go to Kirby. And if you press X again, Kirby’s enemy will be a good guy on Kirby’s side. So if you swallow another enemy and if you have someone on your side already, Kirby will turn to that enemy’s powers again. But if you press X and if you already have someone in your side, Kirby will spit out the enemy, but the enemy will be destroyed and the key will be destroyed and will get out of Kirby’s mouth. But Kirby’s enemy that she just spitted out with X and he has some one out of his side, Kirby will be Kirby, just no animal Kirby, thats it. But if Kirby swallows one of the enemy’s and he takes those powers away and the enemy on Kirby’s side and if you get to the boss, the enemy will help you, but if the enemy’s energy is gone only Kirby is there. But if the enemy is still on Kirby’s side and fighting the boss, Kirby’s powers and his enemy on his side will be the same on the same level. But if you want to be a different Kirby you need to spit out the key with an X. Even the powerfulest one is the enemy on the first level that comes to Kirby, because if you just press A and you dont leave it, a very big attack will come. Even yellow star blocks can break if a jump hits the block (or the attack I just told you about can hit 10 or 20 blocks. I dont know.) Well, I think that could be all..whoever is seeing this message..ok…good night.

18 Days – Day 6 – Sachin at my office – 3-Mar-2009

March 4th, 2009

Day 6 was the first work day after a long break. I wish we have a lot of home days ๐Ÿ™‚

We carried out our routines but both of us miss Radhika a lot and so are eagerly looking forward to her return.

I had to get Sachin back to the office as I had to complete some work.

18 Days – Day 5 – I love snow days – 2-Mar-2009

March 4th, 2009

As expected, Monday was declared a snow day and Sachin did not have to go to school.

I did not tell him this as soon as he woke up, instead waited for him to get ready and complete all his ‘school day’ morning tasks. Then when I told him about the snow day, the expression on his face was just priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

We spent some time arguing ifย  ‘snow days’ have to be considered as school days or home days…and Radhika helped us by giving the judgement that it was to be considered like a ‘school day’. Sachin agreed to it reluctantly, but he was a perfect gentleman in that he took the decision quite sportively and followed it.

After spending the morning at home, we went to Sachin’s friend’s place and played for a long time there. We had dinner there and came back home late in the night…nice to have snow days.

18 Days – Day 4 – Boss Rules The House – 1-Mar-2009

March 2nd, 2009

Sachin continued to make full use of his home day privileges today also. He woke up early again (not sure how he manages to do it on home days only ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and we did one more round of pan cakes. I also made the ‘worlds biggest pancake’ which he dismissed saying ‘look at the mess you have made’.

We went out for lunch, watched Star Wars III and came back home later in the evening.

He read his E-I-E-I-Oopss again tonight before going to bed, so I know he is serious about his concert.

btw, just heard an announcement that the schools are closed tomorrow (Monday) due to bad weather. I might have to stay home with him as the only other option of taking him with me to work might not be welcome in my office.ย  The most important question that is running in my mind is: Will he realize that it is another home day and use the ‘Boss On Home Days’ rule?

Will let you know the answer as soon as I find out ๐Ÿ™‚

18 Days – Day 3 – Pancake Specialist? – 28-Feb-2009

March 1st, 2009

This was our first home day and as per our agreement,ย  Sachin was the boss.

He sure was or should I say he was in full flow? I explained to him the concept ofย  ‘Servant’ and he heard it wrongly as ‘Seargent’ and kept calling me ‘Seargent’ all the time.

We started the day early and right after we went near the dining table he said ‘Seargent, make pancakes for breakfast today’.

It was a pleasant learning experience for me.ย  I learnt how to make pancakes from Hungry Jack mix and in the process joined the selected few guys in this world who can make Pancakes and Dosa ๐Ÿ™‚ .. really selected few, right?

Sachin spent a lot of time playing on his Nintendo DS and then on the PlayStation.

We had a late lunch and I perfected my Mac and Cheese preparation skills this time with a much more accurate planning. We also watched a movie called ‘Spectacular’ (a teen movie) – to my surprise Sachin was very interested in watching it.

Sachin finished his home work in the evening and also practised his E-I-E-I-Oops song in preparation for his May 1st concert. I have no idea who is preparing two months ahead of time for a concert! Anyway, I was happy that he was doing this all by himself.

We went out for dinner again – this time he got his BK Kids Meal (with a Pink Panther toy – i know he wanted just this) and I got my usual Subway sandwich. We went to Radhika’s cousin’s place for desserts (ice cream and chocolates) later in the night and came home at 10pm or so.

Overall it was a very good change from the rigorous routine that I had setup for Sachin for the week days.

18 Days – Day 2 – OMG – 27-Feb-2009

March 1st, 2009

After a simpler start on Day1, Day2 was more exciting.

Oh My God! I just cannot imagine how many things Radhika was taking care of. Hats off to my wife ๐Ÿ™‚ . I was thinking running a team was tough, all men – try managing the house!

Sachin and I are following our time table as closely as possible.

Sachin packed his own snack box and also tried to take care of all his stuff himself.

I picked him up at 6pm and he was quite upset that I did not come early. We came home but both of us were not in a mood to stay home.ย  So we went to Applebees for dinner and had a good time there.

We skipped the home work routine as we wanted to give ourselves some flexibility, hoping to do it on Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

18 Days – Day 1 – Not Bad – 26-Feb-2009

February 28th, 2009

Sachin and I did most of our work as per the plan for 18 Days.

Sachin did miss his mummy a lot and wanted her back sooner. I had to convince him that her best friend cannot get married without mummy’s presence.

Here are the quick updates –
He woke up on time
Did most of his tasks himself
We successfully ended one more day without any TV

18 Days – Day 0 – Plan of Action – 25th Feb

February 28th, 2009

Sachin and I have come up with a simple agreement.

On school days, I am the boss. On home days, he will be the boss.

Due to my project management background, I have come up with a schedule and a plan for school days.
7am: Wakeup
7am to 7.30am: Exercise, Getting Ready (Shower, etc)
7.30am to 8am: Breakfast
8am to 6pm: School
6pm to 6.30pm: Games
6.30pm to 7pm: Dinner
7pm to 8pm: Homework
8pm to 8.30pm: Reading Books
8.30pm: Go to bed

Due to his ‘dynamic’ management style, Sachin will let me know the plan for home days when the time comes ๐Ÿ™‚

We went to Walmart and got a SpongeBob game for Sachin’s Nintendo DS. He was very happy.
The plan is to also get him a new toy/game every wednesday if he is a good boy during the previous week. I bet he will remember exactly when wednesdays come ๐Ÿ™‚

Sachin’s Narration of how the plan works:

Daddy to continue working and Sachin will play on his Nintendo DS and his game is Spongebob Squarepants Globs of Doom.

Then me and Sachin will brush our teeth after we do our things that we do on home days.

I hope that me and Sachin are going to play Bakugan and I hope you had a wonderful trip to India.